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Road Haulage

Explore top-tier transport services in the UK with a focus on shipping container delivery and pallet transport.

Our expertise includes handling 20ft and 40ft containers, curtainsider's and boxes ensuring cost-effective solutions.

Partner with us for cost effecthaulage, encompassing various vehicles type & sizes, and benefit from our seamless delivery services in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

Road Haulage and Transport

Warehousing and storage

Similar to our transport services offering, we can offer warehousing and storage for a wide range of needs. We have access to warehousing facilities across the UK and have the abilitiy to open facilities at short notice to support client requirments.

Warehouseing and storage solutions can vary significantly between clients so its important for Alatar Logisitics to work closely with customers to truly understand their needs

We have the ability to run simple storage and load out operations, through to cross dock, container decant and palletise, picking and rework.

Warehousing and Storage

Contract Logistics

Our contract logistics offering enables clients to handover their logisitics operation to Alatar Logisitics Group for us to manage. We can operate a single part of your supply chain, like distribution centre operations - or the whole chain end to end, from imports, through to storage, picking and distribution.

We have a highly experienced management team who will project manage the start up of operations in a cost effective and efficient way, ensuring that our clients begin to benefit from partnering with us from the very start.

Key to a succesful contract logisitics serivce is the people. We form expert operations management teams from the best talent inside the industry and beyond.

Contract Logistics

Contract Logisitics Common Questions

SIn general it will start from conversation about your needs, what problem you're trying to solve and how Alatar Logistics can help. From there we will design a solution for you.
This will soley depend on you. Once the basic premise has been agreed, we can get set up in the space of a couple of weeks.
Each solution is designed specifically for the clients needs and the problem they are trying to solve. In general, we offer contract logistics services on an 'open book', or 'closed book' basis.

Logistics Support Services

We can offer a wide range of support services, from vehicle maintenance and fleet management, through to customer services management, and loss prevention management

As with most of our serivce offerings, we will design a bespoke solution to fit your needs, but in some cases we can use a simple 'plug-in' start up process - taking an existing product and simply adding your company to it.


Logistics Support Services


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