Our Range of Services

Road transport, shipping container and pallet transport

Road Transport

Alatar Logistics Group Ltd provides top-tier transport services in the UK with a focus on shipping container delivery and pallet transport.

Our expertise includes handling 20ft and 40ft containers, curtainsider's and boxes ensuring cost-effective solutions. Partner with us for cost effecthaulage, encompassing various vehicles type & sizes and benefit from our seamless delivery services in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

All UK and international transport is fully insured and is covered by RHA Terms and Conditions of Carriage

Freight brokerage and Freight forwarding

Freight Forwarding & Import/Export

Alatar Logistics Group is the premier choice for efficient freight forwarding services, specialising in European and UK logistics. We collaborate seamlessly with partners across the continent, Ireland and the USA.

As a leading transport company in the UK, our services extend to courier freight services and delivery cargo. With a commitment to excellence in transport service logistics, we ensure the smooth import and export of goods.

Trust us to safeguard your consignments with comprehensive insurance, providing peace of mind throughout the logistics journey.

Freight brokerage and Freight forwarding

Specialised Haulage and Haulage Brokerage

Explore comprehensive road transport solutions with us – from pallet consignments on curtain siders to oversized /overweight loads, we've got your needs covered.

As a trusted freight broker and agent, we connect you with van loads through our reliable loads board. Partner with us for logistics trucking, freight courier services, and European haulage.

Whether you require transportation broker training or seek top transport companies in the UK, we deliver seamless solutions. Trust in our network of trusted partners for a comprehensive range of cargo and courier services tailored to your needs.

Delivery and logisitics services

Why Choose Us?

Discover the unparalleled advantages of choosing Alatar Logistics Group:

  • Strategic Logistics Expertise: As a seasoned freight broker and agent, we bring strategic insight to your logistics and supply chain needs.

  • Responsive Services: Expect swift and immediate responses to quotations and service requirements, reflecting our commitment to agility in logistics trucking and transport services in the UK.

  • Trusted Partnership: Alatar Logistics Group goes beyond a mere freight courier service. We are your trusted partner, offering end-to-end support in European haulage, transportation broker training, and logistic transportation services.

  • Global Reach: With a vast network spanning Europe and the USA, we're among the top transport companies. From cargo and courier services to logistics and trucking, our comprehensive offerings cater to your diverse needs.

  • End-to-End Solutions: Benefit from our expertise in cargo and courier services, including transportation and logistics services. Whether you seek a transport company in the UK or logistics support in England, we deliver seamless solutions.

Choose Alatar Logistics Group for a trusted and tailored logistics partnership that incorporates freight broker services, van loads, and cargo courier excellence.

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